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Month: June, 2010

Asian Babe got horny at the bathroom

Teenage Asian babe who enjoys her shower. I got to check out her hot body when she was showering thanks to a sneak with a web cam! She has a nice set of tits that she really enjoys playing with when they are all wet. She also enjoys her hot pussy the same way, all soapy and slick. She is a model in the clothes shop upsteairs and a part time waitress here in the club. When she came in to work all the guys were flirting with her because they had seen the video as well! It was an interesting day for her.

Asian School Girl likes to be naked

Asian Teen School Girl doll is a little hottie when it comes to partying with her friends. She likes to show it all off for them and for the cameras she has hidden when she entertains. She is a part time waitress too and enjoys dressing sexy so she can get plenty of attention when she is on duty in the club. She has nice big tits she is happy to show off whenever she has the time to flirt with her horny patrons. She is going to really be quite a draw when she gets her website set up and running!

Teenage Asian Babe make herself wet

Hottie Asian Teen enjoys her job when she gets to it. She has a nice full set of tits and a nice hairy pussy that gets a good work out. It is interesting to see her pictures when she brings them in to show all her hard work before putting them on the web. I have been trying to talk her into working for us and bartending so she can show off those nice tits and really get attention she deserves! after she is done modeling. She likes taking on several guys at the same time just for the fun of it.